Kelsey Rowlings & Ara Kirakosyan

Kelsey Rowlings and Ara Kirakosyan. Hosts of online show, Road Unknown.

Meet Our Intrepid Duo

What happens when you put two adventure driven individuals together?

They feed off of each others passion for seeking excitement wherever they may find it.

Ara Kirakosyan, host of online show Road Unknown.

Ara Kirakosyan

A constant hunger for adventure. Always looking to find exciting and interesting places and people around the world. On road, off road, on water, in the air. There's always something new to find when you get out there and I'm always eager to go and look for it. 

Kelsey Rowlings, host of online show, Road Unknown,

Kelsey Rowlings

After growing up as a competitive horseback rider and musician, Kelsey’s attraction to speed and adventure pushed her towards motorsports. Now a professional Formula Drift driver with a passion for traveling, she looks forward to seeing and experiencing what the world has to offer.

Kelsey Rowlings and Ara Kirakosyan in Johnson Valley OHV park in Southern California.

To seek out adventure. Haven't you been paying attention?

Life, the final frontier. 

These are the voyages of the Road Unknown.
Their five year mission. 

To explore exciting new places. 

To seek out new adventure.

 And new attractions.
To boldly go where they have not gone before.