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Starting Fall 2020

About The Show

Road Unknown hosted by Ara Kirakosyan and Kelsey Rowlings

We have one job and one job only. Find adventure!

There's always an adventure to be found around the bend, if you're willing to look. That's exactly what we're doing! Going from state to state in search of fun and exciting things to do. From long road trips across some of America’s greatest stretches of highways, to off road adventures traversing incredibly challenging terrain. Join us as we seek out and explore exciting things to do across the country.

About Us

I'm Ara Kirakosyan, a life long car enthusiast and adventure seeker. I've teamed up with Kelsey Rowlings, aka "Drift Chick", a Formula Drift Pro 2 competitor, an avid car enthusiast and adventure seeker. Together we are going to seek out the unknown that makes life exciting and memorable.


To boldly go where no one has gone before…?  Nope. There are very few places like that left on earth, and space travel is really expensive. We're taking roads less traveled, going places few people ever go, and doing things even fewer do. Our search for adventure begins Fall 2020.

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